La Fin, Sonata (Marche Funebre)

from by sonno.

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Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Piano Sonata No.2, Op.35
"- We've now passed seven billion on this planet. When I was born, it was a little over two. Food prices rising, oil's ending. When our resources end in twenty years, given everything that we know of our species, do you really think we're going to just share? To do nothing is insane. You accuse us of being genocidal? Not acting is genocide. Where do you think your food comes from, Ian? A third of the world's farmland is now useless due to soil degradation. Yet we keep producing more mouths to feed. And what's your answer to that? Energy-saving light bulbs?

- But we're doing things, we're changing things.

- You know the person who had the greatest positive impact on the environment on this planet? Genghis Khan, because he massacred forty million people. There was no one to farm the land. Forests grew back. Carbon was dragged out of the atmosphere. And had this monster not existed, there'd be another billion of us today, jostling for space on this dying planet."

-UTOPIA 01x05


from sonno. - Le Troixiéme Choix, released December 20, 2016



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